The Best Cream for Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Dec 22, 2016   In Recipes

Any other time of year, we’d suggest using 1% or 2% milk to bring some fluffy goodness to your garlic mashed potatoes. But it’s the holidays! They only come once a year, and everybody at the table deserves rich, creamy, knock-your-socks-off, delicious garlic mashed potatoes. That means bringing on the cream. But what kind?

DairyPure Fat-Free Milk, DairyPure 1% Milk and DairyPure 2% Milk: Leave these in the fridge for your cereal—or your smoothies and protein shakes to give you a boost the morning of the big day!

DairyPure Whole Milk: A cup of whole milk to five pounds of potatoes will give your mashed potatoes a deliciously lovely, low-key fluffiness.

DairyPure Half & Half: Now we’re talking! Add a cup of half & half to five pounds of potatoes for a rich, smooth, creamy mashed potato side dish.

DairyPure Heavy Cream: For those truly serious about the decadence of the holiday season, add a cup of heavy cream to five pounds of mashed potatoes. They’ll be silky, rich and even more delicious!

Tips and tricks:

  • When you mash your potatoes, put the whole pot on the stove over medium-low heat. The heat will help excess water evaporate, which makes a creamier, less mealy final product.
  • If you like to add cream cheese to your mashed potatoes (eight ounces of cream cheese for five pounds of potatoes), use only half a cup of your favorite DairyPure cream instead.
  • Butter is the key to success—but if you only use one stick per five pounds of potatoes, use a little more heavy cream or half & half.
  • When you roast garlic, roast several heads at once! That way you can add more if one just isn’t doing it, or save the rest for another time.

Whatever you do, be sure to taste as you go! You’ll know if your mashed potatoes need more salt, pepper, or—if they aren’t as silky-smooth as you want—more cream.